The Art of Storytelling with Judy Stakee


Storytelling is everywhere. From the tales we tell, the history we learn, or the songs we listen to, stories make up our lives. Especially in the business of branding, being able to convey a brand’s unique story is vital to their success.

But the trick is being able to tell your story in an engaging and effective way. How does one do that?  In order to learn more about the art of storytelling I went straight to the master: the wonderful Judy Stakee.

Judy is one of my first clients and has had an incredibly successful career. As VP of Warner Chappell Music for decades, Judy is responsible for discovering and shaping the songwriting chops of superstar talents like Katy Perry, Sheryl Crow, and Gavin DeGraw.

As a songwriter and teacher, Judy believes that being able to tell a story and share your perspective is a vital skill. Whether it’s navigating the music industry or performing in a job interview, your story is the key to your success.

Here’s what we cover in this interview:

Judy’s approach to creative liberation and what keeps her focused in her career.

The importance of music in her life.

How she’s helped shape the career of some of the music industry’s top artists.

The importance of a first impression and how storytelling can make or break you.

Dealing with nerves and the power of one’s voice.

Judy’s expert framework that she uses to teach me how to write a song! (Grammy win, here I come.)

Some of my favorite moments:

1:54 -- Judy sums up her brand in one sentence.

3:57 -- Her career in the music industry.

4:55 -- What it was like working with Katy Perry.

7:29 -- How Judy’s expert storytelling got Kelly Clarkson’s attention.

8:31 -- When she knew it was time to start her own brand.

11:30-- What inspires her.

13:50 -- Pushing past nerves.

15:11 -- How to write a song.

Want to learn more about Judy?  

Check out her website and get your copy of The Songwriter’s Survival Guide today!

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