Explore the World with Rachel Rudwall


I’m totally inspired by Emmy-nominated travel TV host Rachel Rudwall, who lives her brand, stays true to her values and uses social media as a powerful conduit to inspire others. Rachel discusses how it all began, sharing her industry experience and optimism, which are a big part of her success and growth. She shares her wildest adventures and we round off the episode with travel rapid-fire.

In this episode, you’ll discover how to:

  • Discover your brand in 1 simple step
  • Use Instagram to keep you true to your brand
  • Pay attention to the audience

Episode Soundbites:

1:13, “I didn’t grow up traveling. once you realize that it’s available to you it changes everything. Your ego gets smaller once you realize what’s out there…”

4:50, “I work with video, I work with photography; it’s Instagram, it’s tv shows, it’s conversation, but at the end of the day it’s all about bringing the world to you.”

5:20, “If you stay true to you inner voice; the kid that you were when you were 5, the same things will excite you. That’s magic.”

5:35, “By staying true to your inner voice you’re going to allow people to tap into whatever matters to them because you show people that it’s possible to be excited and curious.”

6:50, “[Instagram] not only brings opportunities, but it keeps me truer to myself. I can fine-tune the skills that I’m trying to develop because people give me feedback constantly.”

8:06, “The key [to my success] is working hard and being authentic.”

8:14, “If you feel something in your gut and that’s what matters to you then you put in work.”

8:56, “Social media gets people engaged with your message before you even have a buyer.”

9:50, “In the digital age, you have to be available to people...When you do that with intention and you respond to comments then they want to buy what you’re selling.”

11:54, “I wouldn’t exist in this space were it not for other people. It’s not about me--that’s what’s powerful. It’s about everyone else.”

14:33, “You can’t climb a mountain because of somebody else--it has to be because of you.”

17:49, “Ask yourself what really matters to you more than anything and try to express that in a simple, memorable name or phrase.”