Teach Me How to Podcast with Mike & Izabela Russell


Founders of New Media Europe Mike & Izabela Russell share insights on putting together a conference, dominating the podcasting world, and most importantly, auto-tuning my voice.

In this episode, you’ll discover how to:

  • Give your podcast platform purpose
  • Achieve great sound quality

Episode Soundbites:

2:44, “When you are an entrepreneur you’re always busy coming up with the next idea, doing the newest things, working with exciting people.”

4:06, “There’s always been one goal and vision and it was to create the conference that changes lives.”

6:11, “Podcasting is disruptive. You can set up, start recording, and it’s there for the world to hear.”

7:28, “The podcasters who actually succeed at podcasting are those who are just themselves.”

11:00, “Book time in one day and record four or five episodes. It makes you less pressurized.”

12:15, “The biggest thing you need to do is get a decent microphone. Audio quality is everything.”

12:34, “When you’re competing with other podcasters like NPR do you think they’re going to listen to you if you sound like you’re talking through a tin can?”