Non-Networking with Sarah Zapp


Allow me to introduce you to the magnetic personality that is Sarah Zapp. I’d call her a networking master, but she hates that word. She is a connoisseur of conversation and connections and you’ll quickly understand why in this episode.

Creating a healthy connection with anyone doesn’t come this easy for everyone. So, how does one get to this level?

In this episode you’ll discover how to:

  • Use the L.A.F. mentality
  • Strike a conversation with anyone
  • Be friendly with everyone without being friends with everyone

Episode Soundbites:

3:00, “You may not see the synergy 100% to begin with, but if you deal with quality and see that there is potential synergy there, it’s always a win-win.”

3:57, “I am a curiosity driven sparkle dust spreader.”

4:50, The number one thing you need to think about when you meet someone is, what kind of relationship can I build with you? Not ‘What can you do for me’, not ‘How am I going to connect with you’, not ‘How do you fit in my world?’... It’s always about building relationships.

5:16, “I hate the word ‘networking’. It feels so agenda driven. It feels so self-centered.”

6:29, “Authenticity and genuineness is the absolute key...why do certain people resonate on social media? It’s because they are who they are.”

7:52, “When you see an opportunity in front of you, you have to take that because you don’t know where the experience will lead.”

11:34, “ I always think of the L.A.F. mentality: Listen, Ask, Follow up. Following up is always key.”

11:50, I use this line a lot: ‘Hope our paths cross again.’ Meaning, I’d love to see you again; if it doesn’t, it doesn’t.

12:15, “At the end of the day, it’s never what you say, it’s always how you make someone feel. That’s the Good Karma mentality.”

13:37, “You’re going to meet lots of people in the world. One of the key things is not to go by your intuition, but it’s always wise to invest in good people.”

14:06, “I’m all about good people. Ideas - they’re a dime a dozen. Good people? Now that’s who you want to connect other people with.”

16:20, “I really feel strongly that you should be friendly with everyone even if you don’t like the way they conduct business because when you’re friendly it’s about you; that’s your image.”

17:40, “Remember, it’s always about how you make someone feel and not about what you say. At the end of the day, if someone has a conversation with you and walks away with a smile on their face there is nothing more that you can ask for.”

21:43, “While I do think that it’s important to have direction, I think that you have to have enough flexibility to lean into unseen opportunities”