Bursting Your Work Bubble


If there is one thing more important than money to me, it’s freedom. That’s why the ability to work and travel at the same time is one of the most revolutionary things since sliced bread - maybe even more revolutionary.

I encourage you to embrace the adventure while still rocking your business. From cheap flights to what to pack - these are my essential travel tips for the digital nomad.

In this episode you’ll discover how to:

  • Find the cheapest flights
  • Pack light; yet effective
  • Create an effective work/life balance in any country


Episode Soundbites:

1:43,” I use conferences as an excuse to travel the world. Typically a conference only lasts 1 or 2 days, but if you’re making the trip somewhere then why not extend it!”

2:50, “One myth I want to dispel today is that travel is expensive. It’s expensive if you make it that way.”

4:22, Basically, the more flexibility you have means better rates. So being open to spur of the moment activities can get you some awesome deals

4:56, ”Invest in good luggage...I spent full price on some of these pieces and it is the best investment ever.”

5:54, “You only bring the essentials and don’t wear a lot of color. The more color you wear means the less options you have. So stick with black, white, blue, burgundy--dark and muted colors so you can mix and match in different combinations.”

7:21, “The fewer number of days you give yourself in one particular place, the more pressure you’re going to feel when it comes to balancing work and adventure...Give yourself more than four days in any given place.”

9:06, “Before you walk into a cafe and order that inaugural coffee, check out two things: that the network is reliable and that they have a bathroom. If both of those check off, then the cafe has earned your business for your coffee.”

Phil Pallen