Tea Time with Grandma Mary (Andrea Vahl)


Andrea Vahl, also known as Grandma Mary, is not only a hoot, but also a true-blue Facebook thought leader. She co-authored Facebook Marketing for Dummies, speaks every year at Social Media Marketing World, and now she and I are gabbing about branding strategies in London. (And it’s just as good as you’d think.)

In this episode, you’ll discover how to:

  • Integrate unique personality into your business
  • Advertise on social media without sounding like a “billboard”

Episode Soundbites:

8:14, “[Grandma Mary’s] motto is, if Grandma Mary can do it then you can do it, too”

8:40, You can bring your own personality and be a little crazy in your business and still make it work.”

9:30, “When you merge yourself with your business you can really stick out.”

11:20, “My standout moments that have made it worth while is the people that say, I have been able to keep my home because of what you taught me.”

14:24, “People think they’re going to get results organically for being like a walking billboard...you have to really interact.”

20:12, “Don’t build your house on rented property...Facebook could shut down their reach all together and you would be left with nothing so move that to something you own.”

Phil Pallen