Monetizing Creativity with Mike & Jay


Creativity is a beautiful thing. I get excited when people find interesting ways to monetize their creativity, and that’s today’s topic. Jay Mantri and Mike Dewey are very talented creatives who share their creative works of art for free online. But there’s method to their madness, and it’s a really brilliant strategy for building your brand. Get ready to be inspired.

In this episode, you’ll discover how to:

  • Find free photos for your website
  • Turn your creativity into a business
  • Find a distinct aesthetic for your business

Episode Soundbites:

13:37 Whether it’s going through Iceland or riding a motorcycle through the streets of Vietnam or being lost in Tijuana, it’s sharing the experience of how we’re truly feeling.

14:07, “We’re not trying to do something that’s exclusive to a certain demographic. It’s meant for everyone. You should go do this.”

15:37, “Being able to have a blank slate is terrifying, but it’s also where you just come up with insane things that people would never think of.”

19:45, “I felt indebted to the open-source community...I want to make an impact in some fashion, I have photos - let’s meld those two worlds together.”

24:05, “The use of color is where our stuff comes to life.”

Phil Pallen