Going Viral with Nathalie Gordon


Nathalie Gordon simply tweeted about an orange at Whole Foods with the intention of making a few people laugh. Hours later, she was getting so many notifications that her phone broke. In this episode, she describes the life-changing experience of going viral, bringing with it the privilege of platform, as well as trolls, criticism and raising awareness for a cause to the forefront.

In this episode, you’ll discover how to:

  • Use social media responsibly  
  • Deal with internet trolls

Episode Soundbites:

9:00, I got an email from Buzzfeed and it said, “How does it feel to go viral?”

12:00, “Especially on Twitter, sometimes you write something and it can be misinterpreted by other people.”

16:00, “Trolling is a huge problem across the web, but no one quite knows how to deal with it.”

16:47, “There was so much that happened as a result of me calling out the trolls that positively impacted me.”

18:47, “This concept of 5 Minutes of Fame - everybody wants it and I’m not quite sure why that is.”

19:00, “I really think we need to stop chasing after what I call ‘the currency of likes’ because we’re allowing likes and retweets to define us.”

19:35, “We need to stop manufacturing ourselves for social media.”

Phil Pallen