All About (Facebook and Twitter) Algorithms


We’re talking algorithms, here. Instagram and Twitter - It’s always a hot topic and always a major part of being a content creator. Algorithms are the hidden formula that determines our own experiences on social media channels. This creates a more personalized social media experience for everyone involved.

How can you be sure that you’re getting the most engagement on the content you’re posting? Lucky for you I’m sharing my two cents on algorithms.  

In this episode you’ll discover how to:

  • Put your “best foot forward” when creating content
  • Better understand EdgeRank

Episode Soundbites:

2:30, “Now, you may not know this if you’re new to social media, but algorithmic changes aren’t anything new. Facebook’s been using one for years.”

3:11, “While EdgeRank is the bane of almost every publisher’s existence, it was built to protect its users. And that’s a good thing.”

3:57, “No one likes to be spammed, so Facebook has taken the precautions to make it extra challenging for businesses to do exactly that. Unless they pay, of course.”

5:19, “It’s time for us to welcome the days of more personalized content right at our fingertips.”

Phil Pallen