Work Hard Anywhere with Benson Chou


If there’s one thing that the future has given us, it’s the ability to work hard everywhere. That’s exactly what I delve into today when I speak with Work Hard Anywhere app developer, Benson Chou. Benson is helping people find laptop friendly workspaces all over the world.

Finding a trendy place to work out of isn’t Benson’s only concern, however. He wants to end digital nomad loneliness forever by using his app to encourage entrepreneurial collaboration.

In this episode you’ll discover how to:

  • Find unique wifi enabled locations using a single app
  • Find other workers looking to collaborate
  • Find the right wifi enabled location for your needs

Episode Soundbites:

3:20, “[Work Hard Anywhere] is a crowdsourced platform where any of the users that sign up can browse around the world and share and explore laptop friendly cafes, coworking spaces, libraries, and bars.”

3:56, “Today, a lot of the work that we do we can accomplish with wifi and outlets. We can talk to any client around the world; work anywhere around the world.”

12:47, “It’s interesting how creative and artistic people are on Instagram. [Work Hard Anywhere] doesn’t have a particular guideline on how to filter out particular photos, it’s really about the ones that make me take a second look; the ones that showcase someone working hard.

Phil Pallen