Perfecting Your Profile Photo


A pixelated profile photo that you’ve yanked from Facebook is not going to cut it. This squarely cropped beauty is everything - well, maybe not everything, but it does strongly influence the first impression I will make of you if you’re a complete stranger to me.

Having a bad profile photo will only reflect badly on you. Here are some tips on avoiding this bad first impression.

In this episode you’ll discover how to:

  • Take a profile photo that complements your brand
  • Use Snapchat to further the use of your profile photo
  • Customize your Snapcode

Episode Soundbites:

1:49, "Hire a professional even if you’re a professional - it helps to have someone else’s input as we take inventory of who you are, and how we show that visually."

2:01, "The investment of hiring a photographer is worth it. It’s the same kind of investment you make in business clothes, makeup, toiletries - whatever it is you spend money on to make a strong first impression."

2:50, "When the brand you build online is not consistent with what is in real life we have a problem."

3:20, "Now don’t be afraid to crop in pretty close to your face—most of us see this photo on mobile, and we see it really small."


Phil Pallen