Mastering Snapchat with Danny Hoyt


I call Danny Hoyt a Snapchat extraordinaire. He’s taken his Snapchat skills to a whole new level, building connections and friendships that have helped his career. Danny uses this fancy platform as a powerful medium for storytelling, and explains his strategies and lets us in on his secrets. After listening to this episode, you’ll be snapping quicker than you can say crackle and pop.

In this episode, you’ll discover how to:

  • Use Snapchat to become more relatable
  • Create more interesting Snapchat content
  • Make social media a more integral part of your life

Episode Soundbites:

8:50, “Snapchat allows you to be creative in a different way.”

9:35, “[Snapchat] is a fun way to keep fans in on the inside scoop of what’s happening and be a little more relatability.”

12:15, “Stop asking for people to follow you on everything. If you’re interesting enough they’ll find you.”

18:37, “Part of my job as an entertainer is to be inclusive and now the way we’re inclusive is social media, it’s pictures, it’s video.”

20:37, “[Snapchat] has allowed more bridges and conversations that otherwise you might have never gotten to.”