Size (of Your Audience) Matters



There’s an age-old debate among us social media enthusiasts about follower count. I’m here to tell you that size does matter. I see people booking jobs or landing clients daily because of their follower count. So, if you have a small Twitter following you better get out of my life. Just kidding.

The fact of the matter is, numbers do matter and I’m here to give you a social media reality check.

In this episode you’ll discover how to:

  • Use the power of numbers to make deals
  • Test the marketing waters by growing a larger social media following

Episode Soundbites:

1:50, “If [you’re followers] are purchased, which I never recommend, there’s a risk that Twitter will just flush all of those inactive accounts away.”

3:47, “Use the power of numbers to make a deal, launch a book, get an interview, connect with a celebrity of even get paid to send a tweet.”

Phil Pallen