Growth Hacking with Vin Clancy


According to Vin Clancy, the American dream is alive and well. This growth hacker loves it here because it's an ecosystem that helps you get ahead. In this episode, Vin Clancy (formerly known as Vincent Dignan) spells out specific ways we can grow our brands successfully. From content creation to email marketing, he shares his fresh perspective on the most important social media platforms, the right way to do email marketing, what every public speaker does wrong, and why you don’t need to be a growth hacker - you just need to answer the questions people are asking.


In this episode, you’ll discover how to:

  • Create an army of content so you can
  • Be completely in control of your copy

Episode Soundbites:

1:12, “The American dream is still very much alive and it exists in different forms.”

9:52, “[Your email marketing strategy] should be 90% value and 10% sales on any given email.”

11:20, “My friend Kumar said, Companies don’t go broke because they’re talking to their customers too much; they go broke because they’re talking to them too little.”

11:41, “Everyone thinks email marketing is dead--Brilliant. That means the people who are still doing it are absolutely crushing it.”

12:28, “If you build your own [Facebook] group you will have people talking about it all day. You’ll be constantly on other people’s feeds.”

16:10, “Doesn’t matter how good you are; it matters how well you self-promote…”

17:30, “People who are great at making money are very bad at making excuses and vise versa. You can only be good at one of those things.”

20:38, “[In hindsight] As someone who runs an online magazine, I should have payed more attention to Facebook....I should have went all in on paid ads and chased more investment money.”

22:55, “You need to build a community and give content for free...What’s good about this is it’s all in your hands.”

25:41, “If you actually want to build an information business...You only need to do one thing and that’s create a lot of content.”

26:41, “My challenge to you would be to block out every 9 pm to 12 am every Sunday and in that 3 hours you’ll write 30 pieces of content. That will allow you to post 3 times a day on all of your networks. That will [give you] an army of content.”

Phil Pallen