Scale Your Business with Erik Huberman


He didn’t receive his Forbes 30 under 30 title for nothing. Hawke Media founder and CEO Erik Huberman created his digital marketing firm in 2013, and has since offered up services to big names like Kelly Osborne and Red Bull. In this episode, Erik shares his secrets to growing and scaling quickly, along with great advice that any entrepreneur would benefit from hearing. 

In this episode you’ll discover how to:

  • Hire the right people for your brand
  • Effectively scale your business for successful growth
  • Find the right client every time

Memorable Soundbites:

5:19, “The words ‘hard’ vs. ‘easy’ has never resonated with me. It’s not hard if you like what you’re doing and if you’re committed to doing it. “

6:02, “To be a successful entrepreneur, it takes getting shit done.”

7:59, “The main thing that stands in people’s way is’ve got to look at things logically and not emotionally.”

10:30, “Understand what it takes to grow and then from there, extrapolate, build, and find the next problem to solve as a company to grow...Set difficult goals that are achievable.”

13:01, “If you want to scale you have to get used to 2 things: 1. There’s a difference between perfection and your way. It’s not always going to be the way that you would have done it, but it will still satisfy the need and the results. 2. One person will not replace your job. People will be passionate working for you, but it’s not their passion or business. Once you accept that, you can build off of that idea.

15:33 We look for 3 criteria when hiring: 1. Execution. Getting stuff done is what matters 2. Fast learning. It’s not hard to learn if you’re a good learner 3. Be cool. Make sure everyone likes each other.

18:47, “I talked to a guy named Marcus Shingles...and he said, ‘So, what’s going to be the Uber to your taxi company?’ and I said, ‘Artificial Intelligence’ and he said ‘Great, go work on it.’”

20:05, “If the person is a know-it-all or someone that’s not going to look at us like a partner, we’re out. It’s hard enough making marketing work without fighting with your client.”

21:35, “[Scale] at your own pace. Don’t rush anything. I never felt like things were getting out of hand. In fact, I was more impatient than anything.”

23:04, “A brand can’t write a book, a brand can’t be on a podcast, a brand can’t guest on CNN - a person can. When I go and do these things, people associate that, rightfully, with Hawke.”

25:42, “[It’s not because] I’m a badass as to why this company succeeded. It’s because I worked’s because of my timing.”