How To Sell Anything with Dinesh K.


This guy knows how to sell. Investor and entrepreneurial advisor Dinesh Kandanchatha's last business had a $200 million exit. Over the past year, he’s transformed his brand into something truly spectacular. We discuss Dinesh’s passion for coffee and his true secrets to selling, which are all about creating value and successful relationships.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to make the perfect sale without selling yourself
  • The philosophy of “transformational coffee”
  • Entrepreneur errors and how to avoid them

Episode Soundbites:

2:30, “The world is changing. The traditional job where you go into an office, anybody who builds their career on that is, frankly taking a great risk...The future is micro-companies; 10 employees or less.”

2:55, “Millennials, frankly, don’t want to work in an office and if you try to build your office in that type of environment you’re going to fail.”

4:45, “If you think that you can just be really, really smart and people will find you - that is just not true. It was true for most of my professional career, but for kids in school now and coming into the workforce, if that’s how they're going to rely on them being successful, they’re going to have a really hard time. So, start thinking about your message, your platform, your brand in your teens, and then when you get to your 20s, you’re going to be fine.”

7:32, “I thought the world was all about going out and bashing people over the head with your idea when, in fact, it’s about going out and putting a shingle outside that is authentic to you and saying, This is who I am in the world; people who want to be part of that story, come talk to me.”

10:52, “People believe that sales puts a person in a low power, low status position. Selling is not about pitching anything...What it’s about is describing something that is of value and then aligning whether or not the person on the other side sees the value that you see.”

12:17, “That’s what great selling should be: offering help and offering solutions. If those solutions aren’t authentic don’t offer them.”

13:00, “Very simple question: Do you know three people [who] can benefit from the relationship that we have?...They will jump at the opportunity to help.”