No More (Client) Drama


Your perfect client became a living nightmare. Your friend-turned client expects a hefty discount. Someone pulls the plug mid-project. As entrepreneurs, tough situations like these are just a day at the office. Business isn’t easy, especially when you’re running it yourself, so today content strategist Lauren Moore and I discuss the right and wrong ways to handle these challenges.

In this episode you’ll discover how to:

  • Be respected in business
  • Create a friends and family discount for your services
  • Pull the plug on a business relationship that’s not working out

Memorable Soundbites:

3:56, “It really comes down to respect. Even if you’re in a working situation and even if someone has hired you for your services, that doesn’t mean that you are their slave and you should jump when they say jump.”

7:37, “If someone doesn’t want to work with us anymore, it’s a blessing to end that project sooner than later because we are wasting time and resources pleasing a party that’s never going to work out... in the long run.”

8:12, “It’s just business. Nothing’s personal.”

8:27, “The world’s a really, really small place so if someone is pulling the plug you never want to burn a bridge.”

9:27, “It’s really important to have written record to explain how you are going to transition out of the project so that you are not relying on everyone’s memories.”

10:28, “You never want to devalue your services. There’s a big difference between giving someone a deal and actually working against your business, in terms of monetary potential.”

11:40, “Choose a discount for friends and family and stick with it. Make sure that that discount is still fair to you.”