How To Create Opportunity


I broadcast live this week from Full Sail University. I'm at the annual Hall Of Fame event, featuring stories of how students have successfully created their own opportunities. Listen to how Sharlisa Holloway landed her dream internship with 7-figure entrepreneurial coach Amber Aziza by making a memorable first impression on me.

In this episode, you’ll discover how to:

Create opportunities that matter to you
Build honest content for your personal brand
Episode Soundbites:

3:55, “Get up and go! You have to live your life and follow your dreams. Yes, sometimes we may fall back and hurt, but you have to get back up and keep going.”

4:14, “Don’t be intimidated that [you] didn’t go to this university or [you] didn’t have this GPA. If you can truly do the job be willing to show it in other ways.”

6:14, Write on something you feel strongly about, something that you’re interested in, something that you might not know about but will spend a few minutes researching and by doing this you will develop your content; you will develop your perspective. Your perspective is your personality and that’s how we build a brand.

Phil Pallen