Send Better Emails with Tony Howell


I don’t like getting emails, but I like getting Tony’s emails. Tony Howell is a NYC-based digital strategist with great tips on email marketing and website design. He himself has transformed his agency into a personal brand after realizing that juggling two brands can split your attention and double your workload. He believes email marketing is a sure way to get in front of your audience because people rarely unsubscribe (if you’re good) or change their email address. Don’t miss this episode for sure great tips on email marketing strategy, as well as website design tips from a pro. 


In this episode, you’ll discover how to:

  • Grow your email list
  • Use your personal brand to stylize your email templates
  • Properly simplify your website menu


Episode Soundbites:

5:46, “What SquareSpace has allowed me to do is take photoshop and put it on steroids. I love that they’re continuing to evolve, change and grow as a company and so it makes me feel comfortable in recommending it to all of my clients.”

7:27, “You are your brand. Your name is your brand. So, just by being me instead of trying to be Phil or Marie Forleo or Suze Orman; by just owning who I am and what I bring, I am going to be different.”

9:00, “Email marketing is important for business brands or personal brands that are on the business spectrum because people may not be on Twitter or Instagram or even see your Facebook post. To create that relationship on email, at some point [you] will get back to [your] inbox and see that email.”

9:17, “The value of using email marketing is powerful. People rarely unsubscribe and rarely change their email address.”

11:13, “A very smartly timed email to a select group of people can really convert.”

15:15, “You want to give someone a taste test of your premium offer.”

16:48, “Everyone needs to embrace the fact that we are a brand. Everything we put’s all a part of your brand.”

17:33, “The exciting thing is that we all have such powerful tools now to grow our brands.”

19:22, “The best websites make things seem simple and not overwhelming - it’s clear and organized.”

Phil Pallen