Entrepreneurship At Any Age with Ben Towers


He’s accomplished more as a teenager than many of us will in a lifetime. Ben Towers is a multi-award winning entrepreneur, TV personality, and keynote speaker, who’s grown his own digital agency, and is claimed to be one of UK’s most exciting entrepreneurs by Richard Branson. This kid knows what’s up.

In this episode, you’ll discover how to:

  • Create entrepreneurial success at any age
  • Delegate business tasks
  • Market to a younger audience

Episode Soundbites:

5:15, “If I never would have done any networking, never contacted anyone and just kept to myself it would be so hard getting where I am today.”

7:49, “It’s only been recently where I started doing TV and people have started saying, Well, he can do it and he can do it right.”

12:20, “It’s really important for me to get out there and say, I know I’m young...but we can make your marketing dreams come true.”

12:41, “It’s so hard going from a school environment where you’re given things on the table and told, do this and that, to now have to knuckle down and do things for myself.”

13:59, “I’m trying to promote young people in business...I’m trying to promote the things that I’m doing and say that it’s okay to be you and it’s okay to stand out.”

15:34, “[Young entrepreneurs] should keep doing it and keep persevering for [their] business.”

17:35, “Young people want marketing which relates to them and is really on tune to them...Once you crack it you can open yourself to a complete new market.”

Phil Pallen