All About LinkedIn with Sarah Santacroce


It’s where all the high earners hang out. LinkedIn specialist & online presence mentor Sarah Santacroce shares tips and strategies to up your LinkedIn game (which I desperately needed). These straightforward, actionable tips can totally align with your business goals. LinkedIn is not just the place for the unemployed to find work. It’s a valuable tool for creating connections and being discovered by high quality contacts.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • How to properly connect on LinkedIn
  • How to drive traffic to your website
  • The 1 LinkedIn feature that makes you money

Noteworthy Soundbites

7:42, “LinkedIn is now the place to be for anyone in the service sector.”

8:11, “Don’t forget that LinkedIn is the place where people have the highest income and if you want business, well, you need to get paid.”

11:45, “A lot of entrepreneurs don’t realize that they’re using LinkedIn to build a network, but they’re never actually worked on their profile.”

12:20, “Your LinkedIn profile should be your sales pitch.”

14:18, “Your LinkedIn profile should really be your mini-website that drives traffic to your maxi-website.”

16:44, “Make yourself approachable on LinkedIn. Tell them that it’s okay to contact you.”

17:35, “If you want to get more business out of LinkedIn, go there to meet new people.”

25:19, “Don’t just sit there and wait for [prospects] to come to you, but actually look for them and engage in a conversation.”

26:20, “A relationship only starts when you actually tell the person why you want to connect with them.”

Phil Pallen