Programming Your Success with Sabrina Kay


What does it take to actually make it big? Dr. Sabrina Kay is the CEO of Fremont College, and has a better answer to this question than anyone I’ve ever met. She’s self-made—instead of retiring in her 30s, she became an educator, and is now on a mission to make education available to anyone who’s willing to put the hard work in to succeed.

In this episode, you’ll discover how to:

  • Fill the gap between passion and financial success
  • Use your degree to it’s full potential
  • Positively impact potential customers

Noteworthy Soundbites:

6:03, “Every adversity becomes opportunity.”

8:48, Equal opportunity and equal rights is really the principle of what this country is and diversity is embraced. But, the biggest disparity in the greatest country on earth is education.”

9:44, “Why is America so philanthropical for the rest of the world while our kids are suffering in the inner city?”

16:54, “The purpose of institution is not knowledge anymore–It’s a curated experience that is organized and coached throughout.”

18:22, “The gap between passion and financial success is actually talent. You have to choose what you’re good at.”

19:57, “When your heart, your gut and your mind are all three aligned and it sings the exactly the same tune... that’s when your success comes to you.”  

21:07, “Great ideas do not translate into a great company.”

23:17, “Do not start with a great idea–Start with how that idea will impact your customer and what that customer will look like.”

25:27, “It’s really important to be still and know that you’re enough.”

27:00, It’s really important to make a mindful choice every single day because that’s the dot that’s connecting the trajectory of your future.”

Phil Pallen