Better Photography with Tana Gandhi


Build a better visual brand with tangible tips from one of my favs. Tana Gandhi is my go-to LA photographer for every client project. She’s photographed more of my clients than anyone else, and there’s a reason for it. Tana’s got an incredible eye and work ethic, which makes her a job to work with. Learn how to take better photos, grow your Instagram and make your visual brand align with your business goals.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • How to find consistent content wherever you are
  • How to build a brand on Instagram
  • How to create an Instagram Community

Noteworthy Soundbites:

2:15, “Being in love with visuals and being able to connect with other people through visuals is one of my favorite things.”

2:32, “Fresh, clean imagery with fun, colorful, playful elements. That’s what you’ll find in either one of my images.”

3:22, “It’s just finding something that you really enjoy doing that resonates with other people and then just doing that thing consistently and connecting with others that post something similar or have interests in creating those relationships online. It’s one thing to have those visuals, but, on Instagram, it’s important to build relationships with other people that may have the same content as you or may want to work with you in the future.”

6:30, “Instagram is a portfolio, but it’s also an experience that people are following for a reason…”

6:46, “When I’m posting something next I have to make sure that it matches the visuals in my previous post, but it also shares something that’s a little different or that coexists with the voice that I’ve created on Instagram.”

7:42, “I won’t use the same two colors twice. When you look at it on a grid it’s nice to have them separated. That’s something I look out for.”

11:57, “Create relationships online. Interact with as many people as you can, spend time commenting on people that inspire you and reply to comments from people that may be inspired by you. It’s not just a one way thing. It’s two ways. You have to create that environment and community yourself.”

Phil Pallen