Getting on TV with Jason Carter


Getting your face on TV isn’t easy, but it is in your reach. Take an in-depth lesson from on-camera talent and host Jason Carter on learn everything you need to know about surviving in a very oversaturated field.

In this episode, you’ll find out how Jason went from “contemplating suicide” to the energetic television personality I’ve grown to love today. The confidence he’s earned in life has done unique things to his personal brand and he’s not about to let anything stand in it’s way.

Discover how to:

  • Let life adversities fuel a positive brand image
  • Pursue a career in television
  • Attract the right people for your career
  • Tweet like you’re verified

Episode Soundbites:

5:20, “I think that a lot of people in this industry compartmentalize you into a box. What moves me and engages me with people is being multi-faceted.”

6:09, “For me, when people think of Jason Carter, I want them to have a whole box of crayons that they can color with.”

8:40, “I failed tragically at 21. My first move to LA was horrible. It was bad because I was in such a hurry to leave...”

10:35, “[I] look back and think, all of those things had to have had happened in order for [me] to get a good grasp of what’s going on in [my] life now.”

12:55, “You have to have a social media following, you have to have an audience... get a clear definition as to what you want to do on TV and then just go balls to the wall and pursue it.”

13:12, “I’ve learned that caring what other people think or allowing other people to drop their baggage on you will only hinder you.”

14:10, “The powers that be are so quick to judge your personality for whatever reason. I would rather have a strong personality, be likeable, be someone that’s easy to work with, have an opinion, have a voice, than to be a sheep or a carbon copy.”

14:55, “People aren’t always going to like you. At 36 years old, I’ve learned that the hard way.”

16:08, “Be authentic and you will attract the right people in your life.”

16:50, “Beyonce has this amazing quote, she says, ‘In business you always should be fair, but you can’t always be nice.’”

17:04, “Genuinely being a nice person is not going out of your way to be nice, but just being pleasant, open, and welcoming.”

17:20, “In Los Angeles, people want something for nothing. They want to use you and get all they can in the least amount of time with the least amount of effort for the least amount of money.”

17:40, “In this industry, your mindset has to be survival of the fittest.”

17:51, “Being nice, in this industry, will work with people who receive it well and genuinely vs. someone who’s like oh, he’s nice so he’s probably a door mat”

20:26, “To me, everyone’s verified. If you’re on Twitter and you have something to say and you’re taking the time to voice your opinion or talk about something that’s trending, that is awesome.”

25:00, “Unless you’re Kim Kardashian or some major celebrity you always have to work hard to grow your followers.”

25:35, “People don’t follow me because I have a blue checkmark next to my name. No, they follow me because of what I’m saying or because I’m reaching out to them.”

27:58, One thing that I wish I would have done more is enjoy the journey. LA is full of Type A personalities that want things now; we lose sight of what’s happened to us along the way.

29:25, “As long as you’re responsible and you know what you want it’s gonna work out, it has to work out."