a little bit
about me.



My career began unlike most. 

I was a fresh-faced student living in Florida. A Canadian from a small town near Ottawa, I had big dreams of moving to Los Angeles to be a TV host. Design and entrepreneurship always came naturally to me, but it wasn't something I'd ever considered.

A friend submitted my name for Charlie Sheen's social media intern search. What started as a playful "what could be" chuckle ended up in an intense competition with 90,000 other applicants. In a time when social media was still new, I dove right in—developed a full-fledged campaign for myself, and it garnered over 100 media placements across TV, radio, and print.

Did I know what I was doing? Not in the slightest. I wasn't even 23. But I rolled up my sleeves, followed my intuition, and embraced my personality. It's how my perspective on personal branding was born. 

Nowadays LA is my base, but I fly over 150k miles a year, sharing my branding systems as a keynote speaker at international conferences like iMedia Brand Summit Japan and New Media Europe in the UK. I'm a featured branding expert on Access Hollywood, CNN, Entertainment Tonight, the DailyMail, and the Toronto Star, to name a few. 


Media appearances


I analyze personal branding strategies for media outlets around the world.


Web & PRint




The best branding recreates the in-person experience.



My boutique agency Phil Pallen Collective makes me proud every single day. There are more than 200 client projects in my back pocket, spanning across all industries. My clients are scattered across the globe. You've seen them making deals on Shark Tank, advising country leaders, strutting their stuff on Dancing with the Stars, winning a Nobel Peace Prize, and transforming the world with an incredible business idea. 

An effective personal brand makes your dreams come true. It allows your best self to shine and it makes your voice heard. My job is teaching people that personal branding isn't putting on a mask. It's being who you already are.