Belleville Dental Care

A technology-driven dental practice in my hometown of Belleville, Ontario.


Imagine: A dental practice that’s actually enjoyable. Belleville Dental Care quite literally saw me grow up, and I’ve had the privilege of experiencing their business as a patient firsthand. With a dated logo that aged their brand, our goal was to create a new visual identity that emphasized the practice’s luxurious, technology-driven experience from start to finish.



Brand identity



Belleville Dental Care wanted to stand out from the stereotypical dental experience. When patients visit their practice, they’re exposed to the most cutting-edge dental technology on the market.

The first thing we set to figure out was the company’s mark. When you think of a standard dental practice logo, you likely think of a tooth or a smile. We scrapped common dental references and sought a symbol that was more nuanced. Seeking commonalities between shapes found in both dental equipment and nature, we ultimately landed on the hummingbird, which looks like a cleaning tool in shape, but represents love and happiness. 


For colors, we made a conscious choice to choose a palette that was clean and inviting. We also stayed away from yellow tones (only bleached pearly whites here!) so any white backgrounds in the brand really popped. Drawing inspiration from tech-leaning brands, we opted for an elegant peach, soft metallic, and charcoal color palette, which ensures sophistication in every visual representation.


For the website, we kept things simple. Belleville Dental Care’s team is professional and casual, and we wrote in a tone that reflects their hospitality. 


Now, years later, Belleville Dental Care successfully sold their practice, and its owners were able to retire to enjoy the life they deserve. We suspect that the new brand helped communicate the value of this practice, and we hope that the brand makes people smile.