43. A consultant who knows how to build a tribe

Do you know the secret to building a tribe? 🎉 In our brand new special guest format, you’re going to learn from a bona fide expert! Business strategist and speaker Emily Gallagher is the first of our new format, where this time the hosts will be asking all the questions. You’ll learn how to master sales through authenticity, find your voice, and give an audience something they really need.

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Repeat after us: Sales don’t have to be icky. While we learned so much from Emily on this call, our main takeaway is that you aren’t truly selling if you’re improving someone’s life.

If you’re feeling clueless in sales, alone in work, or just want a cause you can get behind, here’s Emily’s advice for you:

Be honest about your mission.

A tribe is not about you. It’s about a cause, a mantra, or a purpose. By being open to others about the problem you’re trying to solve, people will naturally gravitate to you.

A tribe means connection.

Emily pointed out the natural overlap between work and play in life, and we couldn’t agree more. Gone are the days where clients are one-way transactions that come and go with a project. Instead, try to build genuine relationships with people and acknowledge that we’re all more than work. Get to understand their personal goals, challenges, interests, family, friends, and more. The better you know your audience, the more likely you’ll be to help them.

Stop and do it.

Emily is ultra-consistent in her social media posts and it works. By building a habit of promoting herself online, she’s creating dependable opportunities for people to connect with her. Emily’s taught herself to never be attached to an outcome and accept that not everyone will like what she posts. We should all do the same.

To sell, you need to show up.

Adding on to Emily’s consistency, she’s amazing at sales. This is because Emily owns her role as a tribe leader and understands that, by bringing people together, she could potentially be changing the trajectory of someone’s life for the better. Whether you’re running an online program, masterclass, course, or even providing a client a service, don’t price based on the hours you work: Instead, price based on the lifetime value you’re going to bring that individual.

We’re so grateful to have you kick off our new experts feature on Brand Therapy, Emily! Thanks for sharing your wisdom with our listeners.


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