44. A podcast duo that wants more listeners

Are you regularly creating content but feel like no one’s listening? 👂 In this episode, podcast hosting duo Stephanie and Chelsea are ready to do something different. With a now-perfected podcast workflow, the two creatives are looking to promote their work in a unique way. This episode is a fun reminder that, when it comes to promoting your work, your audience comes first.

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Guest Career:
Podcast hosts

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Promoting content


The world of content creation can be all highs and all lows. From a single Instagram post to, like our guests Stephanie and Chelsea, a long-running podcast, it can be emotionally tolling to promote work that’s full of your blood, sweat, and tears.

Our guests were looking for some inspiration to get more listeners for their podcast, but this advice works for anyone who’s looking to get eyes (and ears) on their work.

Think like your audience.

Do you like when you’re reading a magazine and have to flip through pages of ads? Or when you’re watching Grey’s Anatomy and have to endure 8 minutes of commercials before finding out who Meredith smooches in the break room? The answer to these questions is (obviously) no, but it’s an analogy often forgotten by people who are promoting their content.

Your audience wants to feel empowered. They want to feel like they’re choosing the content they’re consuming. Their BS radar is at an all-time high and it takes empowering, intriguing, and downright entertaining promotions to make them want to click.

Be kind to your audience. Shrug off formalities and give your future audience something that’s delightful when promoting your work. Explain your latest episode’s value, be vulnerable about the work, or even crack a joke. Those efforts are much more digestible than a “New episode!” announcement.

Be strongly inspired.

Have you found a content creator you can’t get enough of? Does every post or offering by that individual make you jump for joy? Unpack the science of why. If it’s a newsletter, figure out the commonalities between the subject lines that make you click. If it’s a blog post, look at the post topic, length, and overall presentation. If it’s an Instagram post, pay attention to what grabs your eye.

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel to promote your content. Just pay attention to what naturally intrigues you and begin experimenting.

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Don’t be perfect.

It seems counter-intuitive, but perfection can often be boring. Don’t worry about emitting a flawless end product to your audience. It’s okay to pull back the curtain and show what went wrong, what was a challenge, and what it took to pull everything together. Honesty goes a long way in today’s overly curated world, so consider supplementing your content with an explanation or feature of your working process too.


Have you tried any of these tips for promoting your work? Comment below!


Phil Pallen