26. A music company that wants to focus

When it's just two of you running a business, time is your greatest resource. 🕒 That’s why this week, we’re talking efficiency. Phil and Lauren spill all they know about programs and systems to create more time in the day, from email drafts to posting on Instagram. Everything can be automated—you just have to know how.


Life Phase:

Guest Career:
Business Owner

Brand Problem:


Who Alexia is and what she does (01:45)

When should you bring in a professional for services? (02:15)

The current marketing strategy (02:44)

The services her company offers to unsigned artists (03:38)

Making money from offering opportunities to small artists (05:03)

Current plans for where they would like the business to go (6:42)

Tailoring social media towards the companies that offer opportunities (07:40)

Using different platforms for the different audiences (10:15)

Becoming more efficient with repetitive tasks (13:52)

Scheduling time to look into software tools that might help automate some of their tasks (16:19)

The challenges of running a two-person company  (18:18)

Making repetitive tasks faster and easier (19:37)

Creating email templates (21:30)

What Alexia is going to do next (26:31)

Phil Pallen