30. An editor who wants steady business

For many, the ultimate dream is working for yourself. 💭 This week's guest is an editor who has taken the leap to freelance full-time, but is finding it challenging to drum up business. Phil and Lauren walk our guest through their techniques of rekindling old relationships to stay top of mind. This episode is a must for anyone who feels uncomfortable or uninspired by managing their own biz dev.

Life Phase:
Branching out

Guest Career:

Brand Problem:
Learning to Freelance


Who Alison is and what does she do? (01:43)

How she is currently finding clients (01:56)

How Alison got started in freelance work (02:33)

Relationships Alison has with clients and potential clients (03:26)

The advantages of reaching out to existing contacts (04:12)

The strategy recommended in the book Never Eat Alone (05:58)

How Lauren and Phil are implementing this strategy and reaching out to people they haven’t talked to in years (07:33)

Using tools to manage your contacts (09:28)

Prioritizing who to contact first from a list of old clients (11:26)

Deciding the best way to contact each person, whether it’s an in person meeting, a phone call or email (12:22)

Why you should set aside one day a week to talk on the phone (15:47)

A special tip from a salesperson to get new leads (17:13)

How to ask the people you're reaching out to if there’s anything you can help them with (19:31)

Exporting your LinkedIn and Gmail contacts (21:35)

Why it is worth spending time using LinkedIn (21:52)

Phil Pallen