48. An academic who wants a sales pitch

When you’re an expert in many things, how do you own an area of expertise? 🤓 In this episode, the hosts meet with Pragya, an academic, speaker, think tank owner, mental health champion, and workplace advisor. As Pragya continues to build a name for herself, she wants a quick way to encapsulate her work while creating intrigue. For anyone who’s got a lot on the go, this episode is for you.

Life Phase:
Taking off

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Brand Work:
Using academics to help people rethink relationships at work


Calling all overachievers. When you’re a curious and driven person, it’s all too easy to become an expert in many things. The downside with all your endeavors? It makes the creation of a brand sentence a bit trickier.

If you get tongue tied when someone asks, “What do you do?” follow the exercises below.

Make a list.

Grab a notepad and pen to write down literally every title or area of expertise for yourself you can muster. Dig deep and list everything, even if it seems repetitive. For example, if you’re a certified personal trainer and nutritionist with a steady batch of clients, you might write:

- Certified personal trainer

- Nutritionist

- Health consultant

- Health advocate

- Industry leader

- Trusted advisor

And so on. Get that list stretched, then move on to the next exercise.

Group by activities.

Looking over your list, are there any titles or areas that overlap? Using the example above, we’d group these together:

_Exercise_: Certified personal trainer, Health consultant, Health advocate

_Nutrition_: Nutritionist, Health consultant, Health advocate

_Advocacy_: Industry leader, Trusted advisor, Health advocate, Health consultant

It’s okay to double dip terms; the goal here is to narrow down our options.


Once you’ve grouped your titles, now it’s time to knock them off. In the exercise above, we recommend choosing one title per category, which comes down to these:

certified personal trainer, nutritionist, and trusted advisor.

Bring it all together

Missing one of the terms you crossed off? Use it to augment your perspective and create your final brand sentence. For example:

I’m a certified personal trainer, nutritionist, and trusted advisor who advocates a healthy lifestyle for everyone.

See how we brought in health advocate to the final part?

We can see in the exercise above that sometimes it’s more effective to commit to hard titles than give a rambling list. The goal of a brand sentence is to make people ask for specifics! Be as condensed and confident as possible and, before you know it, your brand sentence will be doing all your sales work on your behalf.



Phil Pallen