45. An Instagram influencer who knows how to build a community

What does it take to make a living from Instagram? 📱 In this episode, hosts Phil and Lauren made it their mission to find out. Special guest Bronte (@frombeewithlove, formerly @bookishbronte) rapidly grew from 0 followers to 50k+ and she’s figured out the secrets to meaningfully growing online. If you’re set on making Instagram your full-time job (or simply want to use it for your business), this is the episode for you.

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If finding success on Instagram was as easy as snapping fingers, social media managers would be unemployed. But, as learned from the fabulous Bronte during her guest stint on Brand Therapy, there are some tricks of the trade that you can implement for visual success.

Grow yourself authentically.

Bronte isn’t scared to be herself. (In fact, after recording this episode she went as far as changing her Instagram username!) If you want to grow on Instagram, grow with your audience. Exercise those introspection muscles and push yourself into a place of complete vulnerability. Not only will your audience appreciate posts that are deeply honest, but your content will be inspired as a result.

Consider using a transcribing tool like Braintoss to capture your true voice on the go. It makes writing a lot easier.

Aim high.

If you want 100k followers, _get_ those 100k followers. Be crystal clear on your vision and use it as a guiding star for everything you do. Post consistently and make sure that every post is a step forward to becoming the brand your want to be. Use an app like Preview to plan your feed weeks in advance.

Be friendly.

You heard it straight from Bronte: Instagram rewards you if you’re an active platform user. And given her growth trajectory over the years (from hobby to full-time job) she knows a thing or two about using the platform effectively.

Remember that Instagram is a tool rooted in community, not promotions. Like others’ content, comment on posts, and (this one’s important) respond to DMs. Not only will this help you get more exposure, but it will help you accrue a fan base and support system.

Bronte, we’re super fans and think you’re the coolest. Thanks for being on the podcast!


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Phil Pallen