21. A private investigator who wants to master Facebook

There are many unknowns in the world of private investigating, but the real mystery?  Mastering Facebook.  This week, Phil and Lauren meet with bonafide P.I. Ashley to discuss how to promote her services without drawing attention to her identity. The trio dives deep into the merit of groups, ads, video content, and more. Secret's out: If you're a small business owner, you're going to love this ep

Life Phase:

Guest Career:
Private Investigator

Brand Problem:
Mastering Facebook


Who Ashley is and what she does (02:26)

How Ashley got started as a private investigator (03:09)

Does Ashley wear disguises? (05:09)

How clients are currently finding Ashley (06:01)

Why you don't need a presence on every social media channel (06:59)

How Facebook has changed for small businesses (07:46)

Tips for using Facebook (10:57)

What content Ashley is creating now (12:13)

More tips for Facebook from Phil (16:23)

How having a Facebook ad campaign can help your page be seen more (18:25)

Using LinkedIn and how videos can work there too (19:41)

Considering ideas for topics Ashley can make videos about (21:03)

What Ashley is going to do next (22:47)

Phil Pallen