Brand Therapy #20. A marketer who wants athlete clients

Does a focused audience help or hinder your brand? 🔎 This week, a marketing strategist wonders if targeting athletes is broad enough to grow her young business. Phil and Lauren debunk targeting myths and explain the importance of rocking a niche. You'll also hear how business referrals and influencers can help you grow.

Life Phase:

Guest Career:
Marketing strategist

Brand Problem:
Finding more clients


Who Asia is and what she does(01:32)

The content Asia creates (02:13)

The struggles to find people who actually want to take their brand to the next level (02:39)

Asia's ideal client and the other types of clients she currently works with (03:49)

Lauren considers if it would be too limiting for Asia to solely work with athletes (04:30)

How Asia feels about being more specific about who she works with (05:34)

The possibility of working with entire teams and reaching out to agents (07:17)

The power of business referrals (08:04)

Identifying possible influencers like agents and team managers (08:34)

The benefits of doing a free taster workshop (10:12)

Asia's most important social media platform (11:40)

Getting business from an Instagram strategy (12:06)

How to adjust Asia's strategy to attract athletes (12:39)

The key to excelling as an influencer on Instagram is to seek out conversations by commenting (15:09)

Following hashtags on Instagram (15:57)

The importnace of commenting on the top posters Instagram posts (16:48)

A strategy for commenting on other peoples posts (17:27)

Tips for using hashtags (18:12)

What Asia is going to do next (20:51)

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