18. A school that wants more international student hosts

We all know about international exchanges, but have you ever thought of the marketing behind it? 🤔 This week, Phil and Lauren speak with Carrie about how to incentivize families to host international students. The trio discusses her potential audiences, how to find them (even her little town!), and the stories that need to be gathered. If you work or live in a small market, this ep is for you.

Life Phase:

Guest Career:
Educational Assistant

Brand Problem:
Expanding a program


What Carrie does and what she wants help with (01:32)

The benefits of people get from hosting international students (03:18)

What Carrie is currently doing to promote homestays (06:07)

Phil talks about the importance of highlighting the benefits of hosting students (07:39)

Lauren comes up with ideas for places to find Carrie's audiences (08:37)

The challenges of advertising in the local community (10:23)

How Carrie currently uses testimonials (11:27)

How to further develop testimonials to show a story of what the experience looks like (12:17)

Phil talks about the importance of finding an opportunity for storytelling (13:38)

What Carrie is going to do next (16:43)

Phil Pallen