11. A clothing company that wants more sales

It’s time for a new look in the corporate world. 👕 Daniel and Calvin are in the business of making your workday comfortable, yet stylish. Their clothing company has hit the ground running with influencer marketing, but something is just not clicking. Phil and Lauren discuss rethinking the brands target audience and the importance of being specific.

Life Phase:
A new company

Guest Career:
Clothing brand

Brand Problem:
Gaining an audience



Daniel and Calvin describe their brand (03:55)

Where the idea for the business came from (04:58)

Finding some success using influencers (05:58)

Phil notices that the guests are focusing on trying to increase media interest over just trying to sell clothes (08:14)

What problem is the company solving? (08:44)

Lauren talks about the need to capture peoples limited attention span through a story (10:57)

The value of identifying brand heroes in the space (12:24)

Committing to one type of audience (14:06)

Looking at the qualities of a target audience rather than traditional demographics (18:12)

How to feature their best product on the company website as the main piece (22:28)

Discussing considerations and strategies for finding that one product to focus on (27:08)

The photography process that Daniel and Calvin currently use (27:55)

Phil talks about the next steps in the branding process (28:57)

Phil Pallen