Brand Therapy #38. A wedding DJ who wants to speak

How do you know when it's time to speak? 🖋 The key to speaking comes from storytelling and this week's guest, Daniel, is a one-stop shop for just about everything: wedding planning, and consulting. Phil and Lauren teach Daniel how to tie it all together, from branding a wedding to giving a keynote speech.

Life Phase:

Guest Career:
Event DJ & Host

Brand Problem:
Mastering Public Speaking


Daniel and his current challenges (01:45)

How his current business fits into his future plans (02:40)

Being inspired by Colin Cowie (03:19)

Testimonials are everything (04:01)

Bringing both the entertainment business and the brand strategy ideas together (04:39)

Looking from a higher level and the need to find a common thread between all parts of a brand (06:20)

The importance of conveying value and professionalism to people to convince them to pay for services (08:48)

Daniel is a specialist in branded experiences (12:35)

Brainstorming topics for public speaking (13:27)

Building an inventory of ideas (14:55)

Finding opportunities for speaking (16:50)

Phil’s advice on being a speaker (18:32)

Building a personal website (21:12)

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