10. An actress-turned-mom who wants a lifestyle brand

For anyone who's passionate about life, this episode is for you. 😬 Danielle is a commercial actress, beauty expert, creative producer, and a mom. She's good at many things, which is why she's come to Phil and Lauren to help her prioritize. In this fun episode, you'll hear Danielle discover her brand's focus and, excitingly, realize that an effective brand needs to be more organized than focused.

Life Phase:
Starting again

Guest Career:

Brand Problem:
Getting noticed again



Where Danielle is at right now. (01:10)

Phil talks about focus and how to deal with having multiple projects at once. (04:20)

Danielle's main goals for 2018.  (04:50)

Discussing how Danielle can get the kind of acting jobs that fulfill her creatively. (08:13)

Lauren talks about offering cosmetic products to provide a stable income while Danielle is pursuing acting opportunities. (09:50)

How to define Danielle's brands and sub-brands. (10:55)

Phil talks about figuring out the common thread between all of Danielle's interests and career paths. (13:14)

Lauren talks about how Danielle can combine her creative projects with a lifestyle brand. (14:49)

Defining Danielle's different brands. (17:19)

 Lauren talks about the best way to use Facebook and Instagram. (19:37)

Phil talks about the importance of putting different types of content on different platforms. (21:20)

The advantages of Facebook groups and where it fits into things. (22:49)

Naming Danielle's new brand. (25:19)

Looking at how the brand will work on social media. (27:42)

Phil Pallen