Brand Therapy #31. A singer-songwriter who wants a fanbase

Music is one of the few industries where talent alone doesn't cut it. 🎼 This week's guest is a singer-songwriter who is trying to break into the scene. Dia is motivated, hardworking, and got a new single in the works—and she just needs to find her fan base. In this ep, Phil and Lauren devise a promotions strategy that lets people in on the songwriting process while Dia makes her way into the charts.

Life Phase:
Releasing music

Guest Career:

Brand Problem:
Growing an audience


Dia and her current challenges (01:59)

Advice on the music industry (02:16)

Is it possible to build fans without releasing music? (03:04)

Why building an audience as an artist is important and can open doors (03:34)

Every time Dia gets afraid and tries to give up music, something pulls her back in (04:58)

Dia’s previous experience with releasing music on Instagram and her (not music-related) YouTube videos (06:51)

Showing vulnerability and how to engage with your audience (08:26)

Phil outlines a promotion strategy leading up to the release of a song  (10:51)

Creating buzz and driving intrigue towards content (13:34)

Phil points out that she doesn’t want to be seen as a vlogger (17:24)

Releasing content in an organic and artistic manner rather than on a regular schedule (17:46)

Dia's next steps (19:24)

Phil and Lauren highlight some of their favorite moments of the podcast so far (22:13)