Brand Therapy #09. A new grad who wants a job

You need experience to get a job, but you need a job to get experience. 🤔 We've all felt that growing pains of being new to the workforce, but the next generation is feeling it more than ever. In this episode, Dubraska seeks help with building a brand to help her land the job of her dreams. The session covers the importance of voice, positioning, and making yourself seem indispensable.

Life Phase:
New Graduate

Guest Career:

Brand Problem:
Looking for something more


What Dubraska's current job is and what she would really like to do (03:36)

Phil talks about the difficulty facing recent graduates trying to find passionate work that pays (05:17)

Phil's experience when he moved to LA, struggled to find a job and created his own (08:46)

Lauren talks about her experience of being a journalist and gives Dubraska a reality check (10:46)

Figuring out what other people need that Dubraska can offer (13:13)

Rewriting Dubraska's email to refocus her message (14:58)

Lauren reads Dubraska's email (16:12)

 Lauren gives practical tips on how Lauren can improve her cover letters and how to approach written job applications (18:25)

The importance of looking for opportunities (24:08)

Some guidelines for how Dubraska can reach out and offer her services to people (27:06)

What Dubraska is going to do next (28:57)

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