29. A marketing duo who wants a process

Sometimes you go into business for one thing, but clients want something else. 🙃 This week's guests are a marketing duo in Amsterdam who planned to brand, but now do social media. Phil and Lauren discuss how creating a process can help prioritize see the value of branding. The group discusses scaling, efficiency, client management, and profitability. 

Life Phase:

Guest Career:
Marketing duo

Brand Problem:
Expanding services


Who Valerie and Kelsey are and what they do (01:38)

Why they created their company and their biggest challenge right now (02:59)

Finding your niche without forcing it (06:16)

How they would like to add social media management to be a part of the services they provide (07:00)

The challenges of managing a client’s social media without doing the branding for them (08:34)

Dealing with a client that has bad branding (09:11)

Phil's talk he gives to every new client (10:07)

The problems Valerie and Kelsey have had in defining their parameters (12:20)

Phil points out that a mutual confidence and ownership would help them set rules for their business (13:27)

Having rules for clients can actually help you get more clients (14:07)

Phil talks about hiring a brand consultant for his own company (17:15)

Focusing on different parts of the process for clients (18:55)

The importance of schedules and plans (19:45)

Why you should make visual enhancements a requirement with all clients (21:09)

The advantages of being in a partnership (24:15)

Phil Pallen