47. An HR specialist who knows how to get hired

Why is it that some people land any job they want and others struggle for an interview? 💼 In celebration of Mother’s Day, we asked Lauren’s mom Sandy, a career consultant, to give us the 411 on all things job hunting. In this episode, you learn the little gestures that make a difference, the ways to stand out in an interview, and tactics for switching industries at any time in your career.

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Sandy said it best: Companies want someone who’s going to get in there to save them time and money. The process of job hunting can be a challenging and vulnerable experience, but if you think about your career from the perspective of the company, you’ll be working your dream job in no time.

If you’re sick of sending in resumes or being greeted by radio silence after an interview, here are Sandy’s secrets for being the #1 pick of companies:

Get experience in all forms.

You might be 20 years into your career or 20 days into your college program, but one thing is for sure: Never put all your eggs into one basket. It’s important to show that you can thrive in chaos and welcome multi-tasking, so look for any extracurricular activity or experience that you can. Pick up some consulting contracts outside of your job, volunteer for a non-profit, and start building up points for your resume.

Don’t be scared to ask for introductions.

The key to job hunting is being considered before the job is even public. When you’re speaking with people and developing a rapport, let them know your goals and ask if there’s anyone you should talk with or meet. You’ll be surprised at how quickly your network will expand.

Companies aren’t there to do a favor for you.

Your job as an employee is to save a company time and money. When you reach out to an organization, you need to show how you are going to help the company. Tell people outright how you’ll make them efficient. Show examples of how you’ll make them profits. You need to demonstrate your value in a way that goes beyond your diploma.

Your interview is a meeting.

When you’re about to interview, imagine you’re meeting the hiring manager over coffee. Don’t give cookie cutter responses. Show your competencies, compatibility with the company, and credibility that you’ll do the job. Focus on those three Cs, with examples of each, to show that they can trust you’ll deliver. Be sincere, prepared, but unscripted. It’ll help you stand out.

Don’t be boring.

In your resume, ask, “So what?” after every talking point. Explain the value and the reason behind your accomplishments. Be exciting in your copy. In addition, don’t shy away from visuals. Let your visuals express who you are through colors and typography. That’s how you stand out.


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