14. A communications pro who wants to go solo

From deciding on a name to creating defined services, building a brand on your own can be a challenge. 🤷‍♂️ Luckily for today's guest, Phil and Lauren help Erin make some big choices. In this episode, everything is covered from creating a business name or using your own to defining your audience within your services. 

Life Phase:
Career transition

Guest Career:
Media coach

Brand Problem:
Building a new brand



Erin talks about her background (1:36)

Why Erin decided to change careers (2:42)

The challenges moving forward with her brand (3:37)

Bringing back the holistic thinking in the media (5:43)

Creating the angle of this new brand (9:00)

The company name (10:30)

When to use your name and when to create a name (12:51)

Structuring services and pricing (15:57)

Why you shouldn’t do custom quotes for every potential client (17:45)

Erin’s three tiers of services (20:18)

Defining your audience in what you offer (22:30)

Phil Pallen