02. An audio expert who wants a personal brand

Today's guest is an audio expert who owns a successful audio house. He's got more than 19 years of sound production experience, including music, live events, reality TV, and commercials. Our guest wants to create his own personal brand to re-establish old relationships and find new clients.


Guest career:
Audio specialist & business owner

Life phase:

Brand problem:
Establishing a personal brand that complements company

In honor of Full Sail University's annual Hall of Fame ceremony, we're creating a personal brand from scratch for inductee Fernando.

  • What it means to be a Full Sail Hall of Fame Inductee (02:25)

  • How this episode is different (03:05)

  • What happened when Fernando lost his biggest client (04:04)

  • Fernando's current goals (4:40)

  • How Fernando's skills and services differ from his competitors (06.28)

  • Fernando's personal goals (10:01)

  • How can Fernando re-position himself as an advisor to producers? (11:35)

  • Figuring out where Fernando should focus his personal brand (13:54)

  • Positioning Fernando as a consultant to producers (14:13)

  • Balancing running a business with giving back (15:05)

  • Creating multiple revenue streams (16:08)

  • Problems Fernando sees producers having (17:10)

  • The different audio processes in different genres of tv and film (18:50)

  • Concrete services Fernando can offer on his personal website (20:30)

  • Should Fernando have a personal brand or should he create a sub-brand of his company? (23:38)

  • Defining Fernando's personal brand (26:50)

  • Should the colors and style of Fernando's personal brand identity be similar or different to his company? (27:25)

  • What Fernando is most excited about now (28:45)


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Phil Pallen