06. A fine arts organization that wants more members

Art freaks, listen up!  In this episode, we're introduced to the nichest of niche brands: a fiber arts magazine and membership organization. While the magazine's social media presence is booming, the organization is having troubles converting those fans to sales. Phil and Lauren walk through the importance of simplifying options and help the mag articulate wins to get more members in no time.

Life Phase:

Guest Career:
Fine arts magazine

Brand Problem:
Growing membership program


How the magazine got started (01:46)

How people find the community and what benefits they get (02:35)

Defining their goal towards expanding their membership community (05:03)

Current email list strategy (08:12)

Finding a strategy to further engage people who are already a part of their audience (09:26)

Example of a real-world company reaching out to their community to increase engagement (11:24)

How to make the membership section of their website clearer and more enticing (16:57)

Strategies to make the membership categories simpler (20:10)

Phil talks about the importance of simplifying, consolidating and prioritizing information (23:48)

How they need to base their website content on what they want their visitors to do (25:22)

Enticing new members by telling the stories of their member's and how a membership has changed their members lives (26:20)

Phil Pallen