19. An erotica author who wants book sales

What do Fifty Shades of Grey and our guest have in common? A lot, actually!  In this episode, Phil and Lauren talk with erotica author Jackie about how to sell her work via Instagram—and whether or not the platform is the best use of her time. For anyone interested in learning how to find their community and generate enthusiasm, this spicy episode is for you.

Life Phase:
Between books

Guest Career:
Erotica author

Brand Problem:
Boosting sales


Who Jackie is and what she does (01:32)

Why Jackie has been focusing on Instagram as a sales tool (02:01)

Is Instagram the best way for Jackie to sell her books (02:27)

What Jackie's novels are about (03:38)

The issues of using a visual format to sell books (05:04)

What other authors are doing on Instagram is boring (07:39)

Focusing on other social media platforms (09:02)

The advantages of starting conversations with your audience (11:12)

How Jackie got started writing erotica (12:03)

How build a following by writing articles for blogs (13:53)

The advantage of creating niche content (15:55)

The importance of starting conversations and building a community around your work (19:45)

Is it actually possible to sell books on Instagram (21:38)

Phil Pallen