22. A mayor who wants to do good

Today's guest votes yes to social media. ️✔️ Janice, a freaking MAYOR, has mastered the art of using social media as a community building tool. In this episode, she discusses how she uses social media to facilitate discussion, create a forum for conversation, and truly listen to her town. A must-listen for anyone who wants to use social media for positive change.

Life Phase:

Guest Career:

Brand Problem:
Mastering social media


Meet Janice (01:49)

The issues of trying to humanize a town (02:19)

Communicating to a community during a crisis (04:17)

How social media helps Janice to connect to the people in her town (05:39)

The challenges of being mayor (06:51)

How Janice and her town are currently using social media (07:18)

Janice's problems with trolls on social media (09:30)

Phil talks about how getting the attention of trolls can be seen as a positive thing (11:43)

The problems with responding to trolls (16:55)

How the community uses social media to argue with each other (18:30)

Lauren suggest running workshop to teach people how to have meaningful debates online (19:57)

The current political climate and the conversations that are taking place on social media (22:46)

Phil Pallen