12. An interior designer who wants to scale her firm

Life's easier when technology automates business. 💻 Since Jil works remotely, there's a lot of emailing, scheduling, and questionnaires that just take too much time to do manually but that's where automation comes in. Phil and Lauren talk to an interior designer this week about all the programs and software (free and paid) that can be used to make business life much easier.

Life Phase:

Guest Career:
Interior Design

Brand Problem:
Scaling business



Who Jil is and what she does (02:06)

Who Jil works with on her projects (03:17)

Why people hire her and the services she offers (04:06)

Working with clients remotely (6:00)

Jil's biggest challenges right now (07:56)

The advantages and disadvantages of having clients who watch reality tv shows about interior design (09:21)

 Jil's process for working with online clients (12:01)

Lauren talks about automating the client process as much as possible (13:18)

How to maximize your use of hours through automation (15:40)

Using Zapier to automate emails (16:32)

How it is also important to think about how to scale things within your business (19:56)

How to use IFTT to automate things (20:53)

The value of automating the scheduling of meetings and calls (24:14)

Phil Pallen