33. A doer who wants a focused brand

When you can do it all, how do you describe what you do? 👨‍💻 This week's guest is a serial entrepreneur who's mastered cryptocurrency, social media, business development, and (in case you wondered) real estate. Joe jumps seamlessly between industries and thrives by mastering skills on the go, which is why his greatest challenge is describing his competencies. For anyone who's good at many things, this is the perfect episode for you.

Life Phase:

Guest Career:
Serial entrepreneur

Brand Problem:
Explaining the brand


Who Joe is and what he does (02:00)

How to brand a serial entrepreneur (03:12)

Joe’s approach to his career and opportunities (03:54)

The power of a brand sentence (06:58)

The process of determining Joe’s brand sentence begins with Phil describing Joe (07:54)

Could “futurist” be a title? (09:38)

Lauren notices that Joe describes himself on his website as a serial entrepreneur (13:14)

The use of sub-brands (14:41)

Lauren suggests some scripts that can be used to describe Joe (15:53)

One of Joe’s biggest challenges is that he has several different products that are about completely different topics (19:28)

Phil and Lauren discuss how Joe is not someone who specializes and how that can be part of the brand (20:42)

Phil Pallen