27. A mommy blogger who wants a change

Mommy blogger, DIY enthusiast, and unintentional comedian—this week's guest does it all. đŸ˜‚ Kathy wants to expand her brand beyond her mommy topics and isn't sure what to do next. Phil and Lauren discuss ways to introduce travel, renovations, and even politics—through Instagram Live.

Life Phase:
Starting Again

Guest Career:

Brand Problem:


Who Kathy is and why she is considering transitioning to a lifestyle blog (01:39)

Kathy's recent experience posting lifestyle content on her blog and social media (03:19)

What makes Kathy great (05:04)

A brand is made of an individual with content and personality (05:37)

Topics Kathy wants to blog about (06:28)

Reshaping a blog for a new direction (07:33)

How fear is stopping Kathy from just going for it (07:59)

Phil talks about how brands are always changing (08:30)

Is there a certain amount of followers that make you an official influencer? (08:46)

Instagram tends to be the most popular social media that companies focus on (10:08)

How Kathy has a plan for her posting schedule but is unsure about where she wants to go with content  (12:37)

A strategy to manage different topics within your content schedule (13:03)

What's stopping Kathy from doing this? (14:41)

Phil points out that the realness of Kathy is what makes her brand interesting (15:04)

The struggles with doing videos (15:54)

Phil talks about how to use the different aspects of Instagram (16:59)

Kathy and Instagram Live (18:27)

The structure of a weekly Instagram Live show (20:17)

Phil Pallen